Germany or Team Immling – both are possible!

Germany or Team Immling – both are possible!

“Rizitelli and I are already a great trio, ….äh Quartett.”

Jürgen Klinsmann

Dear opera lovers,

There is no better way to open a festival! To quote Michael Atzinger, critic at BR Klassik: “The Immling Opera Festival in Chiemgau opens with a new production of Giuseppe Verdi’s “Aida” and once again proves its class – musically stirring and staged as an intense plea for humanity.” (Here you can find his detailed review )

I’m still going into raptures – but if you were unlucky enough not to get tickets for the premiere, just come and see us at one of the other performances, e.g. on June 29th, when “Aida” starts at 6 pm on the green hill, which, as Ilse Aigner, our state parliament president, clarified once and for all in her speech at the beginning of the festival, “lies in Chiemgau”!

Oh, that’s when the round of 16 matches of the European Championship start? Hmmmm … There is a not insignificant question that needs to be clarified:

Can you skip opera when the European Championship is taking place in your own country? After all, we’re not just opera lovers (our Maestra is an ardent soccer fan – I’d rather not tell you which club …) and so there are conflicts of the soul, because both are part of our lives and both are important and beautiful.

As we are now certain to play in the round of 16, the first conflict will arise on June 29, when the round of 16 matches begin. Hmmmm …

Here are a few reasons why you should still go to the opera:

  1. All the performers are only allowed to look at their cell phones briefly during the half-time of “Aida” and then have to wait until the final chord – we will show this on 29.6. and (since we are sure to make the semi-finals) on 9 or 10.7. Solidarity with our artists.
  2. All matches can be watched in full in the ARD or ZDF media library immediately afterwards.
  3. Canned opera simply cannot be compared with the live experience – and immersive operas are much rarer than soccer, especially as the ending is fixed in advance (usually at least one person is dead at the end.) And with this year’s Aida, that doesn’t matter at all, because the intense production and the great ensemble will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last second! I promise!
  4. The semi-final falls in the middle of the week – and for the European Championship final, the forward-thinking Immling planning office has taken its fans into consideration and set July 14 as the date. kept free in the evening.

With so much effort from Team Immling, I think they should get all our support and Team Germany won’t miss out either – we’re sure they’ll make it to the final!

You see, the European Championships have postponed my promise to write about singers who have dropped out by a week… but next week you’ll find out everything in detail, I promise (for real this time!).

Here are the events of this week:

On 28.6. Verena von Kerssenbrock presents us with Brecht & Weill’s help a socially critical play that is timeless. The premiere of the “Threepenny Opera” on 28.6. has a few surprises in store. The songs are still “powerful catchy tunes with a bittersweet undertone”. The contemporary reference is unmistakable in a society of “Me-AGs” and you can look forward – as always with the director’s imaginative productions – to a highly interesting interpretation (despite the really tight restrictions of the Brecht heirs!)! We dive into the world of insects (yes, really!), but don’t worry, you won’t need a fly swatter in the auditorium! “Put out your feelers yourself and buzz by,” recommends the director and after the dress rehearsal I can only say – she’s right!

Speaking of fly swatters: thanks to the abundant rain, Immling is particularly “enjoying” the mosquitoes this year, which are also part of Immling’s natural stage. So make sure you pack mosquito spray or something similar, you’ll be very happy!

And another premiere is coming up, this time for our youngest audience. And as is the case with stories for the little ones – adults always enjoy them too. And who would want to miss our artistic director as Rossini in the children’s opera “The Barber of Seville”?

See you at sunset!

Best regards until next week

Yours, Christiane Berker