Always follow the star
A Christmas tale by Ludwig Baumann & Florian Maier

Animals all over the world are in an uproar: a new, big star is lighting up the night sky. Elephants and cows, monkeys and penguins, giraffes and goats, mice and camels: they all follow the sign of the firmament – and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Come with us and the Immling Festival children’s choir on a wondrous Christmas journey through the world: a magical experience for young and old that invites you to dream, reflect and be together.

Sat. 3.12.2022 | 4.30 pm (Premiere)

So. 11.12.2022 | 14.00 hrs

So. 11.12.2022 | 4.30 pm

Sat. 17.12.2022 | 14.00 hrs

Sat. 7.1.2023 | 14.00 h

Sat. 7.1.2023 | 4.30 pm


  • Immling ticket office in the Hotel Endorfer Hof, Kirchplatz 5, 83093 Bad Endorf
    Tuesday to Friday, 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. & 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
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  • Box office from 60 minutes before the start of the event

No booking possible via webshop, only on site, by phone or email.

The first 3 rows are reserved for children only!


Hotel Endorfer Hof, Kirchplatz 5, 83093 Bad Endorf


approx. 1 hour + approx. 30 minutes break


Production: Ludwig Baumann
Musical direction: Iris Schmid
Set & costume design: Ludwig Baumann
Lighting design: Maximilian Ulrich

Angel Paulina: Sarah Hempel
Angel Holly: Lisa Linnemann
Chief angel Mimi: Luisa Weidinger
Joseph: Dominik Rauh
Maria: Elisa König
Penguin Kara: Lilli Siferlinger
Penguin Lepu: Johanna Bergmann
Penguin Frida: Ayse Korkmaz
Monkey Aki: Lena Piechatschek
Monkey Eki: Alina Stock
Koko the monkey: Isabel Stock
Monkey Niki: Lissi Hajek
Giraffe Nora: Lena Landinger
Elephant lady: Elisa König
Elephant child: Esra Korkmaz
Vogel Strauss: Philippe Crantor
Else the goat: Amelie Mix
Cow Gretl: Stefania Discetti
Sheep Mechthild: Sümeyye Korkmaz
Rooster Elvis: Laura Linnemann
Cat Mitzi: Giulia Montanaro
Mouse Evi: Alina Bilban
Mouse Leni: Anna Hajek
Mama Mouse: Katja Linnemann
Kamel Kantu: Dominik Rauh
Camel Ken: Marinus Siferlinger
Wolf Waldemar: Benjamin Bodler