“Why have you lived? Why have you suffered? Is it all just a big, terrible joke? We have to resolve these questions in some way if we are to go on living.”

The composer Gustav Mahler confronted these questions with the Second Symphony, which is also called the “Resurrection Symphony”. The creation of the work spanned the years from 1888 to 1894. And like most of Mahler’s symphonies, this one follows the motto “Per aspera ad astra”, which means “Over rough paths one reaches the stars”. A path that is revealed in the second symphony and its outstanding sonority.

Cornelia von Kerssenbrock will make the Festspielhaus Immling resound and tremble with a hundred-piece orchestra, the festival choir and the soloists.

Look forward to a moving and impressive interpretation of this mammoth work.

Fr. 21.07.2023 | 19.00 h


Festival House


1 hour 40 minutes | no break



Musical direction: Cornelia von Kerssenbrock


Unique in Immling: Let the evening end atmospherically in the starry tent.
All information about the Après Opéra can be found HERE.