In the spirit of tango

In the spirit of tango

Opera with a difference: Verena von Kerssenbrock is staging María de Buenos Aires at the Immling Festival this year. The only opera by Astor Piazzolla and also the only one that unites musical theater and tango music – so for all music enthusiasts from the Chiemgau and the world a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

“I am María. María tango, María of the suburbs, María night, María fatal passion, María of love for Buenos Aires I am.”

This year Verena von Kerssenbrock is staging María de Buenos Aires at the Immling Festival. A “Tango Operita” by Astor Piazzolla from 1968, entirely dedicated to the South American way of life, mysticism and the ghostly. In fact, the main character María appears within an in-between world of Buenos Aires, taking entirely different forms. Sometimes she appears as a singer, then she becomes a dance duet, in between she shows herself as a small child. The work is divided into 16 pictures, creating more musical mood painting than classical opera. It represents the first and only tango opera in the history of music, presupposes a special and also unusual way of reading and reception, which promises a unique experience to all opera lovers of Immling. “María de Buenos Aires challenges my imagination and fantasy,” says the director, “because every single one of the characters who appear seems to have sprung from the world of dreams. And that’s what excites me so much. María is different, sweeping and intoxicating. A work that takes place and moves between fantasy and passion, between dream and nightmare. For every “picture person” therefore the purest joy!” The Immling Festival is looking forward to take you musically into the world of tango and the pulsating life of Argentina.

All dates at a glance

Fr. 14.07.2023, 19.00 (premiere)
So. 07/23/2023, 4:00 PM
Sat. 29.07.2023, 6 p.m.
Sat. 12.08.2023, 6.00 p.m.