Opera goers live longer!

Terrace & Garden Immling Festival

According to studies by London University College, attending opera performances can contribute significantly to extending life expectancy. Cultural events not only promote mental well-being, but also have a positive impact on physical health.

Research shows that regular attendance at cultural events is associated with a lower likelihood of certain health problems. People who actively engage in cultural activities tend to have lower stress levels, which in turn can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, cultural events promote social ties and networks, which strengthens mental health and reduces the risk of depression.

The cognitive stimulation provided by the plot, music and visual elements of an opera performance is another important aspect. This can help to promote mental flexibility, which is considered a protective factor against the onset of dementia.

Cultural events also have a positive effect on quality of life in old age. Older people who actively participate in culture often report an increased sense of joie de vivre and satisfaction. This positive influence on quality of life can in turn have an impact on overall longevity.

Do something good for your health! Immerse yourself in the wonderful natural scenery of Immling, enjoy the enchanting sounds of the opera and experience wonderful moments full of cultural enjoyment!