Member of the Immling Festival Support Club – a good thing!

In addition to sponsors from the business sector, the sponsoring club within the framework of the non-profit association “Unsere Oper e.V.” makes a significant contribution to ensuring the quality of our festival productions as well as our social commitment – especially with children and young people.

You choose between the annual memberships Bronze (from 200 €), Silver (from 500 €) and Gold (from 1,500 €).

Support Club members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our patrons and sponsors will receive the new festival program approximately two weeks before the official ticket sales.
  • You have the opportunity to purchase preferred seats.
  • In the spring you can attend our exclusive gala, where we will present our new program, artists and team.
  • During the festival, we will welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine at the Förderclub booth in Immling before the event begins.

In addition, for gold promoters:

  • You have an exclusive subscription right to two good seats at premieres.
  • At the Après Opéra in our starry tent you will receive a preferential table reservation.

All members receive:

In alphabetical order, we name those sponsors who agree to publication.

Gold Conveyor:

  • Auto-Kring GmbH & Co KG, Munich
  • Dr. Peter Czernin
  • DPE German Private Equity GmbH
  • Dr. Norman Geiger
  • Prof. Herbert Graus and Claudia Graus
  • Greinert family
  • Otto Greither
  • Friederike Hansen Riedering
  • Hain System Components GmbH & Co KG
  • Hartinger Group of Companies, Rosenheim
  • Dipl. Ing. Wilhelm Krings
  • Lilo and Dieter Linde
  • Dipl. Ing. Stefan Mayer
  • Real Estate Stephan, Prien
  • Sue McInerney
  • Meindl Bekleidung GmbH, Johann Meindl
  • Klaus Oberfeld, Riedering, advertising center
  • Günter Riedmüller
  • Eleonore and Joachim Römer
  • Andreas Schiller
  • Michael cobbler
  • Dirk Stankowski, QUBE by DS
  • Dr. Jörg D. Stiebner
  • Frank Straub
  • Evelin Zettl

Silver Conveyor:

  • boutique helga, Karin Artmaier
  • Auerbräu GmbH Rosenheim
  • Pharmacy in the medical center Bernau
  • Baumann Baugesellschaft mbH, Kolbermoor
  • Eckstein Insurance Broker, Bad Endorf
  • Hartmut Geldmacher
  • HERECON Projekt GmbH, Bernau am Chiemsee
  • Dr. Horst Girke
  • Herbert Grünwald, Ehningen
  • Dr. Dietholf Hämel
  • HBS GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Munich
  • Dr. Jürgen Heraeus
  • Kohlndorfer – Foundation
  • Gisela Kloepfer
  • Dr. Wolfgang and Ruth Lackner
  • Christel and Dieter Malten Wesel
  • Werner Obermeier , Office of the Versicherungskammer Bayern, Bad Endorf
  • PVG Gillet Handels- und Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH & Co KG
  • Ulrich Baron von Ribaupierre
  • Dr. Kerstin Reiserer and Andreas Schramek
  • Robert Schiller
  • Schmidmayer roller shutter construction, Alois Schmidmayer, Schwabering
  • Schmitz-Petri, Wolfgang
  • Michael Schneider
  • Claudia and Karsten Schween
  • Angela Stepan
  • Franz Stettner & Son GmbH
  • Hans Stöckert
  • TESTEM GmbH, Rudolf Beck, Alling
  • Arnd and Marianne Walther
  • Swantje and Georg v. Werz
  • Magdalena Zehetmair
  • Martin Zehetmair
  • Dr. Stephan Kleebach
  • Heinrich Fischer
  • Dr. Manfred and Anita Beushausen
  • Maximilian Reidl

Bronze Conveyor:

  • Dagmar Bauer-Lang
  • Hans and Paula Bauer
  • Dr. Andreas Busse
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim and Elisabeth Cyran
  • Sabine Döppel
  • Siglinde Fox
  • Dr. Alois Fürmaier
  • Dieter Friedel
  • Dr. Wolfgang Havenith
  • Hair center Hess
  • Rainer Hoffmann
  • Peter Prince of Hohenlohe
  • Dr. Johann Holna
  • JNS Dachtechnik GmbH, Erwin Neureither, Feldkirchen-Westerham
  • Dr. Franz Joachim Kellermann
  • Adrienne Countess von Korff-Kerssenbrock
  • Alois Loferer
  • Maas GmbH, Heike & Gerd Maas
  • Walburga Meisinger
  • Heidi Müller
  • Herbert Neukirchinger
  • Rolf Pohlmann
  • Walter Rosche
  • Dr. Willi Roth
  • Prof. Dr. Franz Ruland
  • Rupert and Christine Rußwurm
  • Dr. Werner Sacher
  • Rudolf W. Schmitt
  • Renè Schultze, Energy Control Lauber
  • Johannes Sebald
  • Manfred Vorderwülbecke
  • Prof. Dr. Franz-Christoph Zeitler
  • Herbert Zoch
  • Claudia and Eberhart Zrenner

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