Patron: Marina Meggle

GLENN SLATER vocal lyrics

Book translation: Werner Sobotka and Michaela Ronzoni
German lyrics: Kevin Schroeder and Heiko Wohlgemuth

Take heavenly music, the finest wordplay, a pinch of glamour and, on top of it all, female power – and there you have it: Sister Act. A musical that will make every church and festival hall shake.

The hit movie of the same name starring Whoopi Goldberg serves as the template for this musical delight that gets young & old dancing and laughing.

To escape her ex and his gangster colleagues, the spirited Deloris, disguised as Sister Mary Clarence, finds shelter in a convent – her love of gospel and soul also makes its way there and finds followers: the nuns’ choir awakens to new life and ignites in musical rebellious impulsiveness.

After the huge success of Footloose 2022, the musical choir of the Immling Academy takes you on a divine adventure with a powerful and lively voice. Let’s look forward to dancing gospel queens.

Wed. 26.07.2023 | 19.00 (Premiere)

Wed. 02.08.2023 | 19.00 h

So. 06.08.2023 | 16.00 h

Thu. 10.08.2023 | 7.00 pm


Festival House


approx. 2 hours 50 minutes + approx. 30 minutes break


Production & stage design: Verena von Kerssenbrock
Musical direction: Constantin Siebert
Vocal direction: Lukas Gahabka
Costume design: Lilli Hartmann
Choreography: Judith Seibert
Sound engineering: Ayoub Kurt
Video design: Maximilian Ulrich
Assistant director: Maria Nagl

Band of the Immling Academy
Jonas Gfäller (alto sax, reed 1), Adrian Härtl (drums), Lukas Helmle (trumpet 1), Solveigh Obermaier (cello), Vincent Paul (trumpet 2), Tristan Roth (guitar), Luisa Sanne (flute, reed 1), Rafael Schrank (electric bass), Alexander Staiger (percussion), Bernhard Steinhilber (guitar), Alisa Szuper (keyboard 1), Tobias Walter (reed 2), Tim Woköck (keyboard 2)

Deloris Van Cartier: Fiona Kent
Mother Superior: Johanna Ferlic
Eddie Fritzinger: Jakob Zweckstetter
Sister Mary Robert: Jessica Schäfer
Sister Mary Lazarus: Annika Öttinger
Sister Mary Patrick: Maggie Kersten
TJ: Lena Winzenburg
Joey: Alina Menne
Pablo: Lukas Gahabka
Curtis: Valentin Bodler
David Malawski
Martin Thalmeier
Eddie: Jakob Zweckstetter
Nuns: Katharina Baumgartner, Isabella Funk, Elisa Unterseer, Svea Sonnen, Laura Ziegler, Emma Schnier, Veronika Auer, Emilie Bodler, Stefanie Ziegler, Dorothee Ulbricht, Sophia Wollmann
Choir: Annkathrin Fürstner, Kerstin Hornberger, Jessica Rieder, Basti Unterseer

Orchestrations by Doug Besterman

Vocals and additional arrangements by Michael Kosarin

Produced on Broadway by Whoopi Goldberg & Stage Entertainment
in association with The Shubert Organization and Disney Theatrical Productions

The original production was developed in conjunction with Peter Schneider & Michael Reno
and produced by Stage Entertainment

Production of the premiere by
Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, California – Alliance Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director – Susan V. Booth, Artistic Director
Lyla White, Executive Director – Tom Pechar, Managing Director
Tom Ware, Producing Director

The transfer of the right to perform is made in agreement with MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL (EUROPE) LTD, London by MUSIK UND BÜHNE Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Wiesbaden.


At the performances of the Academy Immling, the outdoor catering is there for you before the event and during the intermission. Small delicacies and refreshing drinks will be offered to you. The star tent is closed on these days.