The Immling Festival and its history.

The opera

Great opera performances, children’s operas, musicals and classical concerts in a unique ambience, plus wildly beautiful natural scenery and several extraordinary performance venues, that – and not only that – characterizes the Immling Festival in beautiful Chiemgau. Every year from June to August since 1997, international artists have celebrated great opera in a fantastic setting. A place that invites artists and visitors alike to
of the most valuable substances of life – music.

The overture: How it all began

In 1997, a storm threatened to wreck the performance of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” on a lake stage in Chiemgau. Ludwig Baumann, himself a celebrated baritone who has performed on the world’s great stages, was not intimidated by this. Without further ado, the originally planned open-air performance was moved to the large indoor riding arena at Gut Immling. Five performances celebrated in an improvised stage set, but without
Rain showers, jubilant success. This experience inspired Baumann to reach for the stars. A gamble that paid off, as the 28 years of the Immling Festival have shown.

Together instead of alone: finding the right key together

An opera singer with courage and ideas, beyond hackneyed mainstream productions
does not, of course, make an opera festival. It was a stroke of luck that Ludwig Baumann did not
and his equally talented wife Cornelia von Kerssenbrock: A musician and conductor of stature – successful and in demand worldwide, she was and still is the perfect musical partner.
Manager. Over the course of time, the addition of virtuoso musicians led to the creation of an opera choir, a children’s and academy choir and the Immling Orchestra – impressive ensembles that can be heard and seen.

Music of the future

To ensure that the last sonorous (live) note does not fade away in the foreseeable future, the
The Immling Festival was aware that the music world needed new talent. Opera must rejuvenate itself in every respect so that it keeps pace with the spirit of the times and does not die out. A great responsibility that Ludwig Baumann and his team have taken seriously from the very beginning: Since the founding of the Immling Academy, the festival has been attracting children and young people, awakening joy in and with music in free lessons with a music education approach.

Far removed from the pressure to perform at school, the projects have a wonderful side effect,
that the children and young people develop their basic skills through creativity, singing,
acting, dancing and the joy of music. Together on stage
stand and work on a project with peers – this boosts self-esteem
and self-confidence, cognitive as well as physical and social skills and

Well equipped

After 27 years, the Immling Festival can look back on many cheering successes and is in
Known among experts as a talent factory. Ludwig Baumann and Cornelia von Kerssenbrock have an ear for great, previously undiscovered voices. Some of the soloists who are now successful worldwide, such as Elena Stikhina, Lidia Fridman, Monika Bohinec and Andreas Schager, sang in Immling at the beginning of their careers.
The ambience has also changed over the years. The indoor riding arena was transformed into a modern concert hall with professional lighting, sound and stage technology and the
Audience enjoys music in comfortable leather seats. Unique: the Immling Festival probably has the most beautiful foyer in the world. A piazza between the Festspielhaus and a 200-year-old wine tavern with a view of the Chiemgau. From here you can enjoy a spectacular sunset in fine weather.

Upwind and tailwind

…the Immling Festival got (and gets) over the decades through numerous
Supporters and sponsors. Culture needs strong friends. Strength lies in the sum,
which creates a brilliant overall sound.