Tango opera in 17 pictures
by composer Astor Piazzolla
and librettist Horacio Ferrer
In Spanish with German surtitles


Conjured up by a ghost, María’s lost voice appears in the flesh through a crack in the asphalt: “I am María…. María Tango, María of the suburbs, María Night, María Fatal Passion, María of the love of Buenos Aires am I!”

She wanders through the suburbs towards Buenos Aires, unsteady, as if in a daze: finally arriving in the Argentine metropolis, María can be completely herself: she chats, reminisces about her childhood, relaxed and liberated.

Guided by the sounds of tango music, she ends up in the underworld among “whore mothers and thieves”: there she is murdered, her identity and memories extinguished.
María now walks through the night more as a shadow …

María de Buenos Aires was composed by Astor Piazzolla in 1968. It was his first and remained his only opera: a declaration of love for the tango and also for Buenos Aires, his hometown.

More musical atmospheric painting than scenic spectacle:
intimate, intense, quiet and touching.

Fr. 14.07.2023 | 19.00 (Premiere)

So. 23.07.2023 | 4.00 p.m.

Sat. 29.07.2023 | 18.00 hrs

Sat. 12.08.2023 | 18.00 hrs


Festival House


approx. 1 hour 50 minutes + approx. 30 minutes break


Musical direction: Cornelia von Kerssenbrock
Direction & stage design: Verena von Kerssenbrock
Costume design: Lilli Hartmann
Choreography: Rosalie Wanka
Lighting design: Arndt Sellentin

Flaka Goranci
The Shadow of María, “La Sombra de María”: Flaka Goranci, Rosalie & Gabriel Wanka

The Spirit, “El Duende”:
Karlos Klaumannsmoller
The Voice of a Payador, “La Voz de un Payador”: Leonardo Navarro

Dreaming Buonaerenser Gorrión, “Porteno Gorrión con Sueno”:
Oscar Ore
Old leader of the thieves, “Ladrón Antiguo Mayor”: Leonardo Navarro
First psychoanalyst, “Analista Primero”: Leonardo Navarro

A Voice of That Sunday, “Una Voz de Ese Domingo”:
Oscar Ore

Assistant Director, Musical Assistant & Evening Play Director:
Stefano Boccacci

Lighting design:
Arndt Sellentin

Lighting technology:
Vladimir Klejch

Sound engineering:
Kurt Ayoub

Stage management:
Guglielmo Lana

Ana Filipa Luz, Adrian Suciu

Laura Neumayer

Assistant Tailoring:
Maria Nagy

Gabriele Henseler

Sabine Lutter
Make-up artist: Franziska Mayer

María (love), puppet, death, angel: Rosalie Wanka
María (hate), puppet, monkey, angel: Gabriel Wanka

Simone Lang, Claudia Rudolph, Birgit Gillemot

Devilal Chaudhary

Child María:
Esra Korkmaz/ Isabel Stock
Whores, Gravediggers: Karoline Heinrich, MD, Michaela Hansen, Marea Teuber, Brigitte Janson, Behman Arvaneh

Other tango couples:

Sandra and Niclas Kuppe, Sophie Strauss, Michael Tausch, Hubert Janson,
Dr. Marina Bascone-Fricke

Festival Choir:

Udo Beck, Ute Bodenschatz, Hermann Brunnlechner, Manfred Dederichs, Birgit Gillemot, Anna Lang, Simone Lang, Beate Lenger, Dr. Helene Lohner, Sue McInerney, Knut Möller, Ingrid Moser, Helga Moser, Gabriele Müller, Evi Putner, Claudia Rudolph, Elke Steinhilber, Martin Sulkowski, Ursula Zobelt

Extra choir:
Gulnara Samikova, Nini Tsintadze, Mariam Nergadze, Nina Kasrelishvili, Giorgi Archvadze, Luka Gulagashvili, Diego Monroy, Tamaz Garsidze, Nikoloz Chachanidze, Misha Edisherashvili, Giorgi Patieshvili, Misha Edisherashvili Jr.




Unique in Immling: Let the evening end atmospherically in the starry tent.
All information about the Après Opéra can be found HERE.


60 minutes before the start of each opera performance, you will be introduced to the special features of Immlingen’s productions. Our aperitif of the special Immling kind: music and nature in harmony in the idyllic apple orchard next to the Festspielhaus.