Opera in four parts by Giuseppe Verdi
In Italian with German surtitles

The Babylonian king Nabucco succeeds in deciding the battle against the Israelites for himself and in subjugating the people of the Hebrews. Among them, however, is one he loves: his daughter Fenena, who in turn has an intimate relationship with the Jewish prince Ismaele. She is not alone in her love for this man: her sister Abigaille also desires him and is almost frantic with jealousy.

When she learns that she is not the daughter of a king and future heir to the throne, but the illegitimate child and daughter of a slave, her desire for revenge grows immeasurably.

King Nabucco is swallowed up by power and, in his delusions of grandeur, appoints himself god. Abigaille knows how to take advantage of the father’s insane state of mind: Hoping to regain royal power, she forces him to order the execution of all Hebrews.
Thus also that of his daughter Fenena, who is converted in her relationship with Ismaele and would be rightful heir to the throne.

With Nabucco, and thus a story originally taken from the Old Testament, Verdi achieved his breakthrough as an opera composer and also the starting shot of “his galley years”:

“Since Nabucco, you can say I have not spent an hour
Had peace of mind. Sixteen galley years!”

Verdi said in a letter to his friend Clarina Maffei in 1858.

Sat. 01.07.2023 | 18.00 (Premiere)

Fr. 07.07.2023 | 19.00 h

So. 07/16/2023 | 4:00 PM

Sat. 22.07.2023 | 18.00 hrs

Fr. 28.07.2023 | 7.00 pm

Fr. 04.08.2023 | 19.00 h


Festival House


approx. 2 hours 15 minutes + approx. 30 minutes break


Musical direction: Evan-Alexis Christ
Production: Ini Gerath
Overall concept: Ini Gerath & Steven Koop
Stage design: Professor Dr. Nikolaus Hipp
Costume design: Steven Koop
Lighting design: Arndt Sellentin
Video design: Maximilian Ulrich

Festival Orchestra Immling
Festival choir Immling

Nabucco, King of Babylon: Mamuka Lomidze
Ismaele, nephew of Sedecia, king of Jerusalem: Leonardo Sánchez
Abigaille, supposedly firstborn daughter of Nabucco: Trine Møller
Fenena, second born daughter of Nabucco: Nutsa Zakaidze
Zaccaria, High Priest of the Hebrews: Giorgi Chelidze
Anna, Zaccaria’s sister: Lyriel Benameur
Abdallo, Babylonian guard: Sergeij Kostov
High Priest of Baal: Tair Tazhi

Assistant Director & Evening Director: Daniel Hutter
Stage management: Michael Eichler

Light & sound engineering: Vladimir Klejch
Employees of the carpenter’s workshop Stage design: Markus Pölt, Andreas Lönner, Martin Brandstetter, Hans-Peter Rüdiger

Correpetition: Ana Filipa Luz, Katia Borissova

Tailoring: Laura Neumayer
Assistant tailoring: Maria Nagy
Wardrobe: Gabriele Henseler
Props: Gaby Schrott
Makeup artist: Franziska Mayer
Make-up chorus: Sabine Lutter

Festival choir Immling

Karoline Anzinger, Luise Aumüller, Alexandra Ayoub, Kurt Ayoub, Udo Beck, Elisabeth Berghammer, Anne Berker, Herrmann Brunnlechner, Anna Budny, Claudia Decker, Klaus Eifler, Alexandra Fahrenkroog, Nicola Fastner, Marianne Greiter, Anja Haussmann, Lucia Hecht, Irmgard Hofmann, Hubert Hofmeister, Gabriele Janich, Georg Kain, Klaus Keller, Ines Kleiner, Monika Klier, Regina Kniegl, Simone Lang, Helene Lohner, Sabine Lutter, Elisabeth Mayer, Sue McInerney, Sepp Meier, Knut Möller, Ludwiga Moritz, Ingrid Moser, Gabi Müller, Gabriele Müller, Birgit Neuner, Sabine Niederthanner, Helga Otto-Huter, Judith Pfistner, Hans Pichlmaier, Evi Putner, Andrea Reindl, Sabine Reisinger, Veronika Rohrbach, Claudia Rudolph, Christel Schernthaner, Heidi Schulte, Annegret Stache-Fischer, Martin Sulkowski, Christine Weindl, Christiane Wieser, Uta Zängerl, Vera Zeitler, Ursula Zobelt

Extra choir Immling

Lenara Zakirova, Jessica Morel, Gulnara Samikova, Nini Tsintadze, Lyriel Benameur, Mariam Nergadze, Marie Ardey, Nina Kasrelishvili, Valeriya Sharovatova, Emin Ismayilov, Sergey Kostov, Dmitri Kaplinski, Giorgi Archvadze, Luka Gulagashvili, Shio Abrakhamia, Pierre Herrmann, Diego Monroy, Tamaz Garsidze, Nikoloz Khachanidze, Misha Edisherashvili, Giorgi Patieshvili, Teimurazi Asatiani, Florian Gfüllner, Misha Edisherashvili jun.


Patricia Bierbichler, Jonas Fahrenkroog, Sophie Schernthanner, Fiona Schernthanner




Unique in Immling: Let the evening end atmospherically in the starry tent.
All information about the Après Opéra can be found HERE.


60 minutes before the start of each opera performance, you will be introduced to the special features of Immlingen’s productions. Our aperitif of the special Immling kind: music and nature in harmony in the idyllic apple orchard next to the Festspielhaus.