Musical drama in one act by Richard Strauss
In German language with German surtitles

The dazzling moon hangs over the royal palace, a banquet takes place inside the walls: Herod, the king and stepfather of Salome, hosts this banquet and craves the young body of the princess.

The commander had the prophet Jochanaan imprisoned in a cistern because he was said to have defiled the honor of his wife, the sinful Queen Herodias, with many insults. Only the guard soldier Narraboth, naive and blinded by the beauty of the princess, finally gets involved with her in a momentous plan. He will bring Jochanaan out of the cistern into the light at the request of Salome, who in turn is magically attracted by the prophet’s voice and ascetic appearance. But Jochanaan spurns the young woman’s desire.

The evening takes its course and ends as dubious as it is disastrous. Possessed and offended, Salome gives herself over completely to ecstasy: a head will roll.

Vice, lust, sin: It is an oversaturated, morally depraved time in which the opera Salome is set. And although the outrage over the scandalous piece – originally penned by Oscar Wilde – was great, this is probably the very source of its success.

Sat. 10.06.2023 | 18.00 (Premiere)

Fr. 16.06.2023 | 7.00 pm

Sat. 24.06.2023 | 18.00 hrs

So. 30.07.2023 | 4.00 p.m.

Fr. 11.08.2023 | 7.00 pm


Festival House


approx. 1 hour 45 minutes | no break


Musical direction: Cornelia von Kerssenbrock
Team Concept, direction & stage design: Ludwig Baumann, Linua Land & Mariella Weiss
Costume design: Camilla Wittig
Film conception: Linua Land & Mariella Weiss
Moving pictures: Mariella Weiss
Choreography: Nicola Koetterl

Festival Orchestra Immling

Herod, Tetrarch of Judea: Hans-Georg Priese
Herodias, his wife: Kassandra Dimopoulou
Salome, daughter of Herodias: Lidia Fridmann
Jochanaan, a prophet: Rhys Jenkins
Narraboth, Captain: Jon Jurgens
Page of Herodias: Irina Maltseva
First Jew: Oscar Ore (10.6.: Matteo Niakan)
Second Jew: Leonardo Navarro
Third Jew: Dmitri Kaplinski
Fourth Jew: Pierre Herrmann (10.6.: Benedikt Kobel)
Fifth Jew: Filippo Turkheimer
First Nazarene: Daniil Alekseenko
Second Nazarene: Ogulcan Cinar
Cappadocia: Filippo Turkheimer
First soldier: Tair Tazhi
Second soldier: Nikolai Ardey
Slave: Lyriel Benameur

Extras from the Festival Choir Immling
Alexandra Ayoub, Kurt Ayoub, Udo Beck, Alexandra Fahrenkroog, Hubert Hofmeister, Ines Kleiner, Simone Lang, Birgit Neuner, Iris Obermeier, Claudia Rudolph, Martha Schaal, Christel Schernthaner

Lighting design & video technology: Maximilian Ulrich
Light & sound engineering: Vladimir Klejch
Assistant Director & Evening Director: Linus Land
Stage management: Michael Eichler

Correpetition: Ana Filipa Luz

Tailoring: Laura Neumayer
Assistant tailoring: Maria Nagy
Wardrobe: Gabriele Henseler
Props: Gaby Schrott
Makeup artist: Franziska Mayer
Make-up chorus: Sabine Lutter




Unique in Immling: Let the evening end atmospherically in the starry tent.
All information about the Après Opéra can be found HERE.


60 minutes before the start of each opera performance, you will be introduced to the special features of Immlingen’s productions. Our aperitif of the special Immling kind: music and nature in harmony in the idyllic apple orchard next to the Festspielhaus.